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Live-In clean-energy aware API

Based on the Swedish TSO “Svenska kraftnät” and values from “kontrollrummet”. We made a clean energy aware API Signal that you can use in your digitalisation projects to simply enable descisions on the questions “Is the energy mix currently clean” and “Do we have a lack of power?”. We take a simple approach. If we import from Europe and Finland the electricity is not as clean as if we make it ourself.

We collect the current imports and exports of Sweden and based on that we get a signal corresponding to the level of strain in the Swedish grid

Current power situation in Sweden

When we are exporting energy and have a positive production trend. We don’t have any constraints in our power system, and the energy is considered clean and abundant.

When instead we are importing mainly European energy we have a strain in our own production that cannot meet demand. If we also have a negative trend, it is getting worse and the system needs help.

This gives a possibility to have systems, individual devices and visualisation tools to automatically react on the level of strain in our power system and also inform users so they can take other decisions.

production overview with flattening trend

Some examples of different situations:

We have a negative trend in the production and we are almost on the virtue of starting to import energy: If we take action and lower our usage we could be able to keep us from importing energy

We are importing energy and have a negative trend that demand is still is increasing compared to production: In this case we really need extra efforts to change the trend and return to more normal operation.

We have a positive trend and we are at full production exporting much energy: Then we are in very good position it’s time to charge batteries, do the washing and store hydrogen.

Technical details

Calls are made to the https://my.live-in.se/api/powerstatus endpoint with a HTTPS POST restful api call. The response is returned with plain JSON

Making an example call with curl

curl -i -H “Accept: application/json” -H “Content-Type: text/json” -H “Authorization: Bearer YourSpecialAPITokenGoesHere” -X POST https://my.live-in.se/api/powerstatus


Example using the signal to have a display showing the status of the grid

ESP8266 oled display showing the current power status

The code for the esp8266 oled display can be found at https://github.com/LiveInSmartgrid/PowerClient